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Changes in Housing


Crawley was one of several new towns created around London by the British Government following the passing of the New Towns Act in 1946.

As well as Crawley, the other new towns included Basildon, Bracknell, Harlow, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City.

The new towns were intended to persuade people to move out of the overcrowded slums or sub-standard accommodation of post-War London and other cities into the countryside. They offered companies the opportunity to re-locate and the prospect of good jobs and pleasant houses to Londoners who were prepared to move. The aim, as with other significant legislation from the late 1940s - including the creation of the welfare system and the National Health Service - was to provide a better life for ordinary people who had sacrificed so much during the War.

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Changes in Transport


By the 1930s, there were a million cars on the road in Britain. The development of motor transport changed the way people lived and worked and had an equally big impact upon the railways, signalling the end of their greatest days. 
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