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Maths Lessons Week 1- 20/4/20 to 24/4/20

WALT investigate GEOMETRY 

Maths Espresso links to the relevant maths area with videos and quizzes to explain. This week please look at-

We will be using the following workbooks below to work from. You may choose your level ( as we do in class) from:

Challenging- Go to Year 5 – Problem Solving Measurement book - Unit 7 - Geometry . Work from Set A each day from pages 80-91. Answers included in pages for checking and correcting.

Hard - Go to Year 5 – Problem Solving Measurement book -  Unit 7 - Geometry . Work from Set B each day from pages 80-91.Answers included in pages for checking and correcting.

Tricky- Go to Year 5 – Problem Solving Measurement book - Unit 7 - Geometry . Work from Set C each day from pages 80-91.Answers included in pages for checking and correcting.

Puzzling- Maths Year 6 Workbook – Section 5 -Geometry Pages 103-16  - Questions 1-6 .Answers p.164 onwards.

Mind-Blowing-Maths Year 6 Workbook – Section 5 -Geometry Pages 103-16- Questions 1-8 and the Challenge too!  Answers p.164 onwards.

Please complete one resource activity on our geometry theme for each day .You can either print off the relevant pages or work into your own exercise book- Year 6 you mght like to use your orange Achieve Maths exercise books .

  Just as Year 6 have done with their Achieve Maths learning- please mark your work with an adult once you have finished it- this way your calculations are fresh in your mind. Do not worry if you have made a mistake - please use Espresso to revise and see if you can correct your mistakes - this is how you move on in learning - so that next time and the next day you will feel more confident.


Maths Lesson Resources

WEEK 1 -Times tables focus - 6x

Please go to Espresso- Key Stage 2- Maths- scroll down to Times Tables Tester.


If you click onto Further resources- this will give you a  6x printout or you can view it to help you revise the 6x table. Now go to Activites to try out the various multiplication and division activites linked to the 6x table - and finally the Challenge activity.

Below are some further 6 x activites and a test page- with 3 different 6x tests.  You might prefer to try one a day e.g. pratice the activities on Monday and Tuesday then try a short test Wednesday, Thursday and  Friday. Please record your time.

There is also a separate testing sheet- if you wish to try out your own test. You can also duel with a parent or try out multiplication bingo to see who wins. 



If you have completed you daily maths lesson and times tables practice, and would like to do more, for excellent extension activities please go to-

White Rose Maths whiterosemaths.com/homelearning

You may choose the year group you would like to work from.

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