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The Keymaster

'History is BORING!' say the children - until suddenly their supply teacher transforms into 'The Keymaster', who holds the keys to history!  Going on a magical journey through time, they drop in on a 'big match' in 1066, discover gruesome medical practices in Tudor times and get caught up with 18th century smugglers, the industrial revolution, suffragettes and World War II.  The story concludes with a final key - the key to the future.  The children see for themselves that today is tomorrow's history, and that changes need to be made. 

The songs each class needs to learn are:

Owls: All except The Big Match, The Moonraker, Revolution, Far from Home

Badgers: All except Guy Fawkes Hiding, The Moonraker, Revolution, Too Late, 

Hedgehogs: The Keymaster, Moonrakers, Revolution

Rabbits: The Keymaster, verse from Work Hard

Cast and Overview

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