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Music INTENT statement

Through music education at Little Horsted, we aim to promote and encourage a love of music, helping children to build their self-confidence and achieve their full potential as musicians. We recognise that music has the potential to make a significant contribution to children’s development, not only increasing self-esteem but developing skills such as leadership, team work, concentration and problem-solving. Music plays an important role at Little Horsted and children have the opportunity to listen, appraise, compose and perform, both individually and with others, throughout their time here. 

Music Lessons and Performances

Reception and Key Stage 1have lessons provided by East Sussex, led by a specialist music teacher.

In KS2, all children are involved in the East Sussex led programme  to learn a musical instrument. All year 3 and 4 pupils learn the recorder and year 5 and 6 the ukelele.

Our children have a singing assembly together once a week. This is augmented by regular singing in other assemblies and at Church services.

Children work to perform musical productions and end of year shows, combining acting, singing and all backstage roles during their time at our school. 

Learning an Instrument

For those children wanting to learn a specific instrument are able to provide opportunites for the following:

  • Flute lessons are provided by East Sussex Music Service.
  • Brass/Woodwind lessons are provided by East Sussex Music service.
  • Violin lessons are provided by East Sussex Music service
  • Drum lessons are provided by Red Butler Music.
  • Guitar lessons are provided by Red Butler Music.

Details of how to apply can be found at the school office.

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