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Owls -Home Learning Information - TERM 5

Welcome to Term 5- our Learning Journey this term is going to be Islands and the Coastal Environment. During the Islands project you will use a range of geographical, scientific, mathematical and literacy skills; make decisions; develop your problem- solving and creative thinking skills and discuss your own opinions on important issues.

1.) Please print off (or open up) this term’s overview below. You will see at the top the link to allow you to access Espresso at home- this is the Espresso we use in school and it will help your understanding of our learning this term. Our school login codes will be sent to you via email

ESPRESSO_ Logon location: www.discoveryeducation.co.uk       Username : to be sent via email     Password  : to be sent via email

      Espresso links- Geography KS2 -Investigating Coasts, Passport- Learning about the islands of St.                           Lucia, Madagascar and Australia.

         Espresso links- Key stage 2 Maths, Key stage 2 –Grammar and Punctuation.


  1. For your LEARNING JOURNEY and LITERACY activities please go to Owl Class- COASTS- each week your learning journey work will be listed and changed weekly, together with your linked writing activity and reading comprehension for that week.


  1. For your MATHS work please go to Owl Class- MATHS –each week your maths focus will be listed, with the relevant pages from the workbooks and Espresso links and changed weekly.


  1. For your SPELLING activity please go to - GRAMMAR and PUNCTUATION where the spellings focus for the week will be given.


  1. Your ART activity each week will be listed on our HOME LEARNING PAGE and changed weekly- as on the Term’s Overview plan.


    Please may you keep your Island and Coasts themed work together      in a project folder. Please don't worry if you are not able to do some activities - just try to do the best that you can.

   Our first Art activity – you might like to use as your front cover.


   5. Look out for new Science learning at the bottom of 

       the page!


ART Activity Week 1

WALT create a wax resist ISLAND REFLECTION painting.

Please open the Instructions on how to create a wax resist island reflection document below , to give you a step-by-step account of how to create a wax resist painting. You might also like to see some examples in the- Examples of Wax Resist document below. 

Now create your own Island reflection ,using your own choice of colours and in your own way and style.




Please see learning portal for home learning

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