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The Daily Mile at Little Horsted

Pupil Voice

Years 1/2

I: " I like it because of the fresh air." 

Z: "I like to talk to people." 

A: "I like getting time to calm down." 

A: " I like to run around a lot." 

A: " I like it because I like to stretch my legs." 

Years 3/4 

N: "I can really improve my running." 

J: "I'm very fast and like having fun." 

L: "I like it because I don't like sitting for too long." 

F: "I like running around." 

S: "You get fresh air and it's good for you." 

N: "I like it as it gives you fresh air." 

Years 5/6

G: "I like it because it's a break from work." 

A: "I like doing a bit of work then a run around. It wakes yourself up." 

T: "I like having a run around." 

S: "It's nice to give your legs a stretch and not waiting until break time to tell your friends something." 

F: "I like getting a breath of fresh air." 

E: " I like to walk around in the fresh air and talking to friends." 

P: "It's nice to have a break from sitting down." 

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